Diversity is the fruit of life! I walk my walk all my life, lived a very diverse life, so naturally I have insight informed by lenses that few have. Healing, transformation, loosening up, and empowering are diverse and essential endeavors that are integral to life, to movement rather than stuckness. I use creativity and imagination to paint the landscape of possibility. We can work together to re-imagine the possibilities of your life. I like to invite the wisdom of the body and explore unconscious feelings and narratives held somatically so we can unpack underlying patterns of behaving, relating, and experiencing. I maintain a curious and open-minded attitude with room for warmth, humor, compassion, and assertiveness as I support you on your healing journey. I’ve worked with folks from all walks of life, facing a wide array of challenges. Many of my clients are young adults, creatives, people in the helping profession, entrepreneurs, couples, Latinx + people of color. As a result, I don’t shy away from complex topics and realities like racism since it vital to transformation.

Perhaps you find yourself at an impasse and seeking to ease some of the heaviness in your current experience, or, maybe you are seeking growth or change for you or your family; please know that there is support available. I like to be real with people. I find that the best way to work with individuals and couples is to be present, ask the right questions, and give honest feedback. My approach is to provide a comfortable and real space to talk, explore and work on feeling better. My approach to therapy is like the life I live, very diverse and utilizing concepts from the following treatment modalities: EMDR eyes movement desensition reprocessing, Narrative, Solution-Focused, Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Existential Psychology as well as drawing ideas from Attachment Theory, Somatic (body) techniques and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Coaching Vs Therapy


  • Improve Performance
  • Develpos Potential
  • Solution focused
  • Gives Direction
  • Focuses on Present & Future
  • Clarifies Personal & Professional Goals
  • Creating Plans 
  • Improves Personal Skills
  • Improves Independence & Security
  • Focues on a Works/Life Balance
  • Action Orientated
  • Supports New Ventures & Growth


  • Discussions of Past Events
  • Problem Orientated
  • Healing Focused
  • Offers Possible Diagnosis
  • Supports Trauma-Focused Recovery
  • Explores Destructive Relationships
  • Emphasis on Deep Rooted/Chronice
    Mental Health Difficlties
  • Helps Feeling of Grief
  • Supporst Mental Stability
  • Explore Risk To Self?Suicidal ideaction
  • Long Term

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