Ricardo and Hosanna, allowed me to embrace my essence. Yoga and therapy combined got to my core issues. I suffered from complex trauma my whole life, now I’m no longer a victim but embodied in myself for once. I’m finally in peace within!
Ricardo, me ayudó con mi caso de asilo. Fue muy suave. Es muy amable, profesional y me sentí seguro y visto. Me pongo nervioso porque el paciente no es mi fuerza, pero él me acompañó durante todo el proceso. Tengo la suerte de tener a alguien con un gran corazón y que me apoya tanto. Gracias por siempre
Mr. Ricardo, I am indelibly grateful for the depth and breadth of your wisdom and experience that you have shared in our clinical supervision. It has been an honor and privilege to learn from you and to unravel issues such as systemic injustice and the importance of a culturally attuned lens when working with trauma. Thank you for teaching from a truly authentic stance and reminding us to truly see people from a place of infinite compassion. And for the deep wells of knowledge you have shared from, as well as the encouragement to continue to learn and read widely in our field and beyond to inform our work. May your path continue to shine light brightly wherever your travels may take you.

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Integrated Therapy Services is dedicated to serving our community by supporting individuals, couples, and families through their lifelong journey of emotional growth and personal development. Our highly trained providers come together from specialized practice areas to provide the highest quality mental health services in a warm and inviting environment. Based in the most advanced research and best practices, we deliver innovative treatment and personalized counseling with compassion and care.

Our approach to wellness includes contributions from the field of Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, and Mental Health Counseling, in addition to specific, evidence-based courses of treatment. In this way, we are able to provide an approach to treatment that embraces the past, looks to the future with hope, and makes space in the present for change

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